Colorado Tourist Too Stoned To Even Think of Hiking

After leaving the dispensary with some sugar coated gummy bear edibles, Joe Andrews, a 32 year old tourist from Minnesota, decided to eat all of his delicious THC candies at once.
“I couldn’t even taste the weed really, so how strong could they be?”
A few hours later, Mr. Andrews was found by friends, curled up in the sheets of his Hotel bedroom, thinking about calling the hospital or his mom, way too high to even understand how hiking boots scientifically work. In stead, he binged watched The Office on Netflix.
“I had really wanted to get out and hike the flatirons of Boulder Colorado, but those little gummy bears really kicked my ass.”
Yes, those little gummy bears did kick his ass. Andrews had made the crucial mistake of underestimating how strong a little gummy bear can be.
“Next thing I know, I’m too high to even get out of my chair to order a pizza, and the air around my arms felt weird.” Andrews said while staring into his hotel pool, “I almost called the hospital. I totally thought I was going to die.”
The way science has been able to turn up the potency of marijuana has been noted as a “Scientific Miracle” by various respected sources, such as Steve from high school, Connor from my neighborhood, and Kyle who plays in a band.
“Yeah man, people get too high, and forget that the candy they’re eating is really full of potent weed.” Said Sunflower Highrise, a local bud tender (person who sells weed in a store professionally), while flattening some rolling paper to make a joint, “Cant say I haven’t done it myself a few times.”
Many people come to Colorado to smoke weed and enjoy epic views of the Rocky Mountains, but find that the weed is a lot stronger than the stuff they buy from their local dealer, or that weed has just grown in potency since their college days in the 70’s. So please, if you decide to come to Colorado for a bit of weed and hiking, don’t underestimate the potent power of those little gummy bears.

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