4 Small Reasons To Feel Okay With Trump

Donald Trump getting elected seems a little bit like we just woke up from our dream, to discover a nightmare creature just took a shit in your refrigerator. But there are some good points to take away with Donald getting elected. Who knows, maybe this isn’t the end of the world?

Trump being elected kinda proves that the elections aren’t rigged


Democracy is real. Everybody was so sure that Hillary was going to get elected, and that she was rigging the elections, that we never got out to vote. Now that she has lost, we can feel a little more secure that our democratic system not being entirely broken. Hillary was supposed to be a guaranteed for the position, because of how corrupt she was. Now that Trump is president, we can at least know that corporations cant buy elections.

Trump never really took a hard stance on anything, and he always changes his mind


Luckily, Trump’s main slogan was to make America great again. What that greatness is or how that will happen, is completely up in the air. His plan for the first 100 days is centered around a lot of business, but whether or not we will see these plans actually go anywhere, remains to be seen. Changing any part of the government was nearly impossible for Obama, so we can hopefully say the same will happen for Donald Trump.

Trump looks like a bad guy on paper, but so does almost every other president, or politician.


Most presidents had a dark past, and some pretty wicked vices. Clinton was almost impeached for getting a blowjob, and Abraham Lincoln loved prostitutes. Donald does have a darker past than most, and many psychologists would say that he is undoubtably a narcissist. But being a good person, and being a good president do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Hillary was kinda creepy


The pictures for Donald Trump and Hillary are both a little creepy. Donald looks a little bit like he just kicked your dog and wants you to know about it, while Hillary looks like she had just secretly ruined your life, and is waiting to enjoy watching you cry. She also rigged the DNC, is accused of a handful of federal crimes, and might actually go to jail. Clearly, voters didn’t feel comfortable with their conscience voting for Hillary, so now we have this guy with the sprayed on tan.

Just because Donald Trump got elected, doesn’t mean that anything is going to really change. We have that whole, “Checks and Balances” thing set up in the constitution, to make sure that nobody gets too much power. Plus, with Hillary losing, we get to see that the constitution is still something very real. While it sucks that we are tasteless enough to elect a narcissistic man with a spray tan for the next four years of the most important job in the world, at least we know our vote still counts. Next time around, we will be sure to use it.

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