Boulder’s 6 Secret Brunch Spots

The small city of Boulder is full of the perfect brunching demographic: nice liberals, with a lot of time to focus on breakfast. Boulder has some of the best brunch in the world. The secret is out, and now there are long lines of people waiting for a shot at some of the most popular brunch locations. In some places, such as The Buff, or Snooze (crowd favorites), you can wait in the cold over an hour. We think brunch should be a lot more chill than that. Check out our 5 low key picks for stress free, amazing brunch, and don’t wait forever in some line.


6) Dots Diner

Its easy to know Dots is going to be great, because the kitchen is not hidden behind some wall. They have nothing to hide. From a variety of delicious breakfast burritos, Eggs Bennedict that can be served on an open faced biscuit (their biscuits are delicious), and endless cups of coffee, you can jitter your way into Sunday afternoon in half the time of the entire sorority trying to sit down at Snooze. 


5) Parkway Café

Located behind a motor shop, this sneaky little brunch location rarely has a line, but always has the best fucking food. Everything from the breakfast enchiladas, to waffles are amazing here. The interior is very homey, and you get to seat yourself, which adds some low consequence excitement to an otherwise relaxing brunch. They can also make dishes as spicy as you’d like, if you’re from Southern California or something.


4) Doug’s Day Diner

Set in the back of a strip mall, your first thought about this place will be, “no way”. Then, a steaming hot plate of delicious food smell will waft past your nose, which will make your mouth start watering uncontrolably, and you will have no choice but to sit down. The reality of how fresh each flavor is, how true each dish is to what it should be, is perfect. Doug makes gravy that is on par with Texas grandparents (which is amazing). Combine the delicious food with a lack of lines, and you have a brunch location that cannot be missed.


3) The Village Coffee Shop

Set at the edge of a strip mall, The Village Coffee Shop’s motto is 890 square feet of reality, surrounded by Boulder. The sign is a beacon of truth. The only reality that can be found in boulder, is in a fork full of their unbelievably delicious breakfast. One of their greatest features, are the home fries, which they serve extra crispy (which is the best). They also have an interesting tradition of initiating “Village Virgins”, or people who have never eaten at the Village before. Everybody claps and cheers, to make you feel as warm and welcome, or embarrassed as you need to be (a great prank to play on hungover friends).


2) Walnut Café

Walnut Café does healthy, Boulder style brunch better than anyone else in the world. With unique, and delicious options like their breakfast quesadilla with pesto and bacon (yes), and an entire section for vegetarians, “Boulder Scramble (uses tofu and veggies in place of eggs)” Walnut Café stands out as one of the best, and most quirky places for the totally healthy, Boulder brunch experience.


1) Luciles Café

Who wouldn’t want to eat in an old school Victorian mansion, named after a loving mother? Nazis. Nazis would hate this place. Luciles serves up some of the most unique and delicious food outside of New Orleans. Start the meal off with an order of beignets (Luisiana donuts), a fully loaded bloody mary(tons of veggis on the stick), and finish with some eggs benedict over fried eggplant (the eggs New Orleans are to die for). Luciles might have a slight wait, but is definitely worth it.

There really is no way to go wrong with brunch in Boulder. If you simply must wait a little longer for brunch at one of the old school, iconic spots of Boulder, then bring a book to read while you wait in line. We would suggest trying avoiding the lines and taking your life higher, with these 6 low key brunch locations. A meal might just change your life.

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